Case Study

Passage eliminates test friction for engineering and customers with ngrok

packaging and deployments to a test environment during development
validation with 30 minutes saved per test, per developer
Time to value
Reduced customer's test cycle to 15 minutes

Built with developers in mind, Passage offers a native passwordless platform that leverages biometric authentication — such as Face ID, Touch ID, and Windows Hello — making logins delightful.

We built the authentication platform we wished we had. With two lines of code, developers get biometric passwordless login, reducing user friction and increasing conversion rates. ngrok shares the same ethos we have: build simple and powerful solutions to make developers’ lives easy.

Anna Pobletts
Chief Technology Officer, Passage

Eliminating test burden to deliver best-in-class authentication

To deliver the best user experience, Passage continuously improves its platform with new features. And to ensure quality and security, Passage’s code passes through multiple rigorous biometric authentication tests across a variety of different hardware and software platforms.

Without ngrok, these tests would require packaging and deployment to test environments with a lengthy feedback loop for code improvements.

With ngrok, Passage’s developers run these tests against their local code and continuously reiterate through code changes, saving hours by eliminating packaging and deployments to test environments. Because of the low marginal effort of testing, developers are more willing to test more often in more environments, detecting and resolving issues faster than ever before.

"ngrok enables our developers to continuously run these tests on their local code, creating a tight feedback loop in development time. With ngrok, we eliminate packaging and deployments to a test environment, saving us up to 30 minutes for each engineer's test cycle, and letting us concentrate on what's important: delivering the best-in-class authentication for developers,” says Anna Pobletts, Passage’s Chief Technology Officer.

Enabling customers to test deployments in minutes, without network pain

After getting the benefits of ngrok in engineering, Passage recommended ngrok to their customers to improve their time to value and developer experience. "As a developer integrating Passage, you can use ngrok to quickly see the value prop of Passage. You can run one of our example applications locally, but see the user login experience on your laptop, iPhone, and Windows tablet – all in just a few minutes," says Pobletts. With ngrok, customers can test up Passage across different devices in 15 minutes, increasing productivity while reducing frustration.

“It is important that our customers can quickly and easily see the value Passage provides,” says Pobletts. “ngrok lets our customers spin up local deployments using Passage and quickly see what a great cross-device biometrics login experience looks like. For Passage, ngrok is critical to showing our users the value of our product as quickly as possible.”

Key Results

Improved engineering productivity
Eliminated packaging and deployments of test environments during development
Created a tight feedback loop in development time
Reduced customer's test cycle to 15 minutes
Increased the time to value of Passage

As a team that builds developer and security solutions, we have a high bar for the solutions we use and recommend to our customers. ngrok helps us build and test new features quickly without compromising the quality or security of our product. We are impressed with how easy ngrok is to use, especially as they continue to introduce new and innovative features.

Anna Pobletts
Chief Technology Officer, Passage

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