Case Study

Logwood’s IoT subscription business reaches enterprise-scale with ngrok

20,000 IoT
devices are connected to Logwood with ngrok
7 people support 20,000 devices at a global scale
Connection times reduced from weeks to minutes

Logwood, a provider of IoT systems to optimize restaurant operations, needed frictionless remote connectivity between its cloud platform and IoT devices on the field. With 20,000 devices worldwide distributed across thousands of restaurants, the UK-based, nimble team found the ideal solution – and reached enterprise scale – with ngrok.

You don’t have to be an expert in infrastructure to use ngrok. It allows us to easily create a tunnel and securely connect to a customer’s network and gives us the end-to-end connection that we need. It helps drive our business because we don’t have to jump through hoops. It’s plug and play.

Alex Russo
Product Specialist, Logwood

ngrok’s Secure Connections Protect Businesses and Patrons

Most EPOS systems only provide support for the front of the house or the back of the house, but Logwood bridges the gap between them. Logwood provides its customers with real-time communication between front and back of the house while capturing insights – like the time between when a dish gets made and when it gets delivered – so that management can understand and improve processes.

Together, ngrok and Logwood help connect technology and teams so that kitchens can deliver delightful experiences every time.

Serving Value Without VPNs

Logwood has deployed 20,000 devices (and counting) to help restaurants improve their operations. Some of the world’s most popular restaurant brands depend on Logwood across hundreds of locations every day. At this scale, using VPNs would add massive operational complexity for Logwood’s lean team of seven.

Using VPNs would take weeks to get approval, make change requests, and test the connections. ngrok allows Logwood to dial in and connect to EPOS systems in minutes. “We click a button to create a tunnel, put it into a file and onto the device, reboot it, and the next thing you know we can connect to it. It’s as simple as that,” says Russo. This is essential for Logwood’s success with busy restaurants that need simple turnkey solutions.

Key Results

Confidence: Enables remote connectivity with confidence
Plug and Play: No network skills required from customers
Low Maintenance burden: Scale to thousands of devices with tens of employees
Extends the business to new frontiers

We're not native to our customers’ sites. We interface with them and we plug into their networks. That’s why it’s really important that we have the secure end-to-end connection that ngrok provides.

Alex Russo
Product Specialist, Logwood

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