Your app’s front door

All-in-one API gateway, Kubernetes Ingress, DDoS protection, firewall, and global load balancing as a service.
New feature: Network Traffic Inspection

Provides network traffic observability for all endpoints.

Developer Roundtable: Device Gateways

Join us as we discuss ngrok Device Gateways for IoT

ngrok for production

Serve your apps and APIs globally without any friction whether they are running in the cloud, on-premises, or even in customer and partner networks.

Site to site connectivity
Never ask customers to open ports on the firewall. Access apps and APIs securely in your customers’ environments without site-to-site VPNs, VPC peering or other complex networking.
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API Gateway
Go from code to global in just minutes with a developer-friendly, idiomatic solution for managing traffic to your APIs.
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Device Gateway
Standardize connectivity across your fleet of IoT devices running in external networks. No need to struggle with custom protocols.
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Kubernetes Ingress
Simplify ingress with the Kubernetes Operator, using Ingress Controller or Gateway API, by offloading traffic management and security to ngrok’s global network.
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Global Load Balancer
Ensure high performance and availability by routing traffic to the nearest Point of Presence (PoP) with preconfigured global load balancer.
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Identity-Aware Proxy
Protect your applications and APIs from unauthorized access without writing extra code.
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ngrok for development

Bring secure connectivity to apps and APIs in localhost and dev/test environments with just one command or function call.

Webhook Testing
Get a secure public URL for your local web server, then trigger webhooks. Inspect the traffic to your server and replay webhook requests to iterate quickly while staying in context.
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Developer Preview
Demo a website or an app running on your local machine to a client or stakeholder instantly and securely, without deploying to a staging environment.
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Pay only for what you use

Ditch high upfront costs and pay only for active endpoints and successful API calls. Scale your costs in line with your API traffic growth.

How it works

ngrok operates a global network where it accepts traffic to your upstream services from clients.

Clients connect to your endpoints (URLs). You configure policies such as authentication or transformation. Unlike traditional proxies, ngrok doesn't rely on IP forwarding. Instead, you run a lightweight agent that connects securely to ngrok's network. Traffic flows through this secure connection to your service.

With ngrok, we get comprehensive security with a full scope of functionality for all of our use cases.
Ihor Leshko
Director of Engineering

Industry leaders rely on ngrok

Trusted and secure platform with massive scale

Working with ngrok means working with a vetted, secure solution.
  1. Over
    7 million
  2. devs use ngrok
  1. 80% of the
    Cloud 100
  2. companies use ngrok
  1. Over
    100 trillion
  2. total requests served
  1. Over 1600
    AI innovators
  2. deliver AI/ML apps with ngrok

Why ngrok?

Built for developers.

Unlock the power of SaaS. Built to deliver applications and APIs with 
zero networking configuration and zero hardware. Run your apps anywhere 
and bring them online in just one line.

No need to know anything about networking
No more ports, IPs, DNS, or firewall configurations. Just URLs and identities.
Online in one line
One command, seriously.

Offload your non functional requirements to our gateway
With flexible, idiomatic CEL-based traffic policy.
Observability out of the box
Live streaming logs of your traffic.
Embed ngrok via SDKs
Python, Rust, Go, Java, and JavaScript SDKs that you can embed directly into your app and APIs.

The ngrok platform

Zero Trust

Add SSO, Mutual TLS, 
IP Policy, and webhook signature verification.

Any protocol

Native support for HTTP, TLS, and any TCP based protocol.


Log all traffic and account activity.

Global Network

Deliver fast and reliable services powered by our Points of Presence.

Load balancing

Route traffic to multiple backends for scale and fault tolerance.


Protect services with OAuth, SAML and OIDC.

Instant domains

Use a ngrok domain with no setup or bring your own domain.


Automatic certificates and an A+ SSL report card with no config.

Developer Roundtable: Gateway API

In this episode of our Developer Roundtable series, we highlight our updated ngrok Kubernetes Operator that now supports the Kubernetes Gateway API spec.